#StarControl IRC Logs

- Witness higher level intelligence in #starcontrol

<Sa-Matra> doa <SnakeMan1> GAH <SpathiX> Goo <Sa-Matra> Frumple <SpathiX> aieeeeeeeeeeeeee <Sa-Matra> SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH <SpathiX> *go* <SpathiX> Energize! <Juffo-Wup> heh <Sa-Matra> LAUNCH FIGHTERS <PositronA> umm <Juffo-Wup> brrrrrrrrrrrrr <Juffo-Wup> ^ tractor beam :) <SpathiX> awl for it all <PositronA> "stupid, idiot, dodo" <Sa-Matra> wooosh Boom <SpathiX> "loser, twit, moron, dodo" <SnakeMan1> GGGAAAHHHH!!!! *flame* <Sa-Matra> clang <Sa-Matra> buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <SpathiX> ZZZptt! <Juffo-Wup> crrrrrrrr <- afterburner <Sa-Matra> wahooooooo Mycon regen <SpathiX> Alleluya <Sa-Matra> kewl <Sa-Matra> halleluja <SnakeMan1> *bleaugh*! <Sa-Matra> or something <SpathiX> heh <Sa-Matra> du da da du <SpathiX> *react* <SnakeMan1> Hummmm HUMMM Ha Hummmm... <Sa-Matra> LOL <Sa-Matra> da du du dummm <Juffo-Wup> not worth it <SpathiX> Bloop Bloop Bloop ,-androsynth bubbles <Sa-Matra> woooopshhh androsynty comit <Sa-Matra> do do do do do (supox weapon) <SnakeMan1> BBBwwwwaaaa....... <Sa-Matra> Oh ya someone verbilize the urquan firine <SpathiX> Nyangh!! <SnakeMan1> *bark* *bark* <Sa-Matra> yipe!

- Mushroom Dreamz

<MeFistOrz> Once I had a dream that I was eating mushrooms and one of them started talking about Juffo-Wup... <Pulse> you seriously play too much starcon

- Sa-Matra tells a Joke

<Sa-Matra> Anyone want to here a joke? <SpathiX> sure <Sa-Matra> Next year they are releasing an over the counter version of Viagra... Its called Jiffy-Stiffy <Sa-Matra> (Crickets Chirping) <Sa-Matra> tough room <SpathiX> Jiffy Stiffy..heh <Sa-Matra> yall (pardon my southern) act like an eternal one ate your grandma <SnakeMan1> Ahem <EdGrR> hmm * EdGrR yawns <Sa-Matra> mmh

-Fruit & Vegetables

<SnakeMan1> I mean.... look at all of those carrots! You could poke someone's eye out with that! <SpathiX> ahhhhhh <SpathiX> carrot of death <SpathiX> Pinapple of Pain <SnakeMan1> Apple of Anguish <SpathiX> Turnip of Trouble <Y-Armorer> grapes of wrath! (no, wait) <SnakeMan1> Date of Destruction... <SnakeMan1> Prune of Pessimism <SpathiX> strawberries of suffering <SpathiX> Peaches of Peril <Y-Armorer> mango of matrimony! * SpathiX takes a trip to the fridge to get more ideas <SnakeMan1> Mango of Maiming! <SnakeMan1> Beets of Bludgedoning <SnakeMan1> Kiwi of killing <SpathiX> catelope of cringing <Y-Armorer> lime of lycanthrophy! <SnakeMan1> Plaintain of Pelting <SpathiX> Greenbeans of Gore <SnakeMan1> Tangerines of Torment! <SpathiX> Raspberries of repression <SpathiX> Celery of Catastrophy <Ingo> oh what the hell, Strawberries of Sorrow! <Ingo> Canteloupe of Calamity! <SpathiX> Lettuce of Leisions (scar things) <Ingo> Corn of Confusion! <SpathiX> Peas of Paranoia <Y-Armorer> cantaloupe of constipation! <Ingo> ok, Guava of Gentrification! <SpathiX> Potatoe of Phobia <Ingo> Passionfruit of Painfull Deaths <SnakeMan1> Eggplant of Execution <SnakeMan1> Apple of Assasination <SnakeMan1> Peach of impeachment (pun intended) <Ingo> Enchilada of Electrocution <SpathiX> Pumpkin of Panic <SpathiX> Pepper of Psychosis <Ingo> Cucumber of Cysts <SnakeMan1> Cucumber of Convulsions <SnakeMan1> Tomatoes of Torture <Ingo> Bean of Blood <SpathiX> Brussel Sprouts of Burning Stress <Ingo> Plums of Purgatory! <SpathiX> Raisins of Retreat <SpathiX> i think we overdid the vegetable bit <SpathiX> vegetable * SnakeMan1 flings a vegetable at SpathiX, poking out his eye (which falls to the ground) and breaks his eye stalk on his... er... "knee" <SnakeMan1> Now I've got meself a periscope!!! yay! woohoo!!

- Trout Wars

<SnakeMan1> HOW DO I DO AN ACTION??!?!? * SnakeMan1 panics <viZhual> what action? * SnakeMan1 stops panicing <SnakeMan1> The action button <SynDex> what does the action button do? <viZhual> explain... <SnakeMan1> It helps you *party* <SpathiX> for me it hits people with fish * SpathiX slaps SpathiX around a bit with a large trout * SnakeMan1 plays *spicy games* * SnakeMan1 fires a Plasma Bolt at SnakeMan1 <Mephisto_> Inging! <SnakeMan1> all will be *smelled*. Resistance is *frumple* <HellbornC> works better than slapping them with a fish <SnakeMan1> WTM?!?!?! <SnakeMan1> SnakeMen repoduce asexually <SpathiX> nothing can defeat the fish! * HellbornC slaps SpathiX around a bit with a large trout * HellbornC slaps SpathiX around a bit with a large trout * HellbornC slaps SpathiX around a bit with a large trout <SpathiX> I feed my fish viagra <HellbornC> thehehehehehe <SnakeMan1> How do you do the *pretty colors*? <SpathiX> they knock you out cold * SpathiX slaps HellbornC around a bit with a large trout <HellbornC> I prefer just throwing you to the fish, preferably sharks * SnakeMan1 fires plasma bolts at both offending parties <SnakeMan1> Hail LCU <HellbornC> HellbornC throws SpathiX to the large sharks swimming about * SpathiX tosses some super trouts at HellbornC <HellbornC> HellbornC screams like a girl and runs from the fish!

-Word Association

<Korkman> hey <Pulse> moo <Korkman> boo <SpathiX> hey <Korkman> dey <SpathiX> may <Korkman> gray <SpathiX> say <Korkman> hay <SpathiX> ray <Korkman> bay <SpathiX> lay <Korkman> aai <SpathiX> day <Korkman> mosquito <SpathiX> loquito <Korkman> bomuito <SpathiX> makingupthesewordsito <Korkman> yepito <Pulse> moskeet0 <Korkman> duhtito <Korkman> me thirsty hungry <SpathiX> for coco puffs Session Close: Sat Jul 11 11:57:53 1998

- Wouldn't it be cool to have a stereo system embeded in your body?

<MeFistOrz> Wouldn't it be cool to have a stereo system embeded in your body? <Juffo-Wup> MeFistOrz: no, then you couldn't get near a computer <MeFistOrz> It's just be cool to have a CD player, a tape deck, and a couple of speakers embedded in you back or torso. <SpathiX> were would vital organs fit in? <MeFistOrz> Then you could bring music with you conveniently wherever you go. <Juffo-Wup> no, like I said, you could get near a computer without having some probs <MeFistOrz> You could have speakers installed in your shoulders... <SpathiX> would you have to plug your self in? <SpathiX> or run on batteries? <MeFistOrz> No, it'd run on your own energy supply. <MeFistOrz> The flow of blood could supply the energy to run it.

- Melnorme Weight

<Greenish9> We Melnorme really do look OBESE <Greenish9> But we exercise really. Lots. <SpathiX> melnorme are not fat <Greenish9> We have these cool machines <Greenish9> We bought them from the Keel-Verezy <Greenish9> It was a Great Deal! <SpathiX> How do melnorme move? <Greenish9> With difficulty ;) <SpathiX> they stop drop and roll <SpathiX> putting out any fires along the way <Greenish9> Yes. All Melnorme planets have very high hills <Greenish9> How do we get up to the top, you say? <Greenish9> That will cost you 30,000 credits!

- Sexy Orz

<SpathiX> the Orz sound cool. (just because they sound like seductive females) <MeFistOrz> Yup! <MeFistOrz> Well they are, Orz are pretty damn sexy! }:-> <MeFistOrz> But of course not as sexy as my girlfriend. }:-)> <Pulse> honk <SpathiX> Would you let an orz *join in* your *spicy games*? <MeFistOrz> Sure! }:-)> <MeFistOrz> Male or female, I don't care!

- NEWS: A small group of rebels have contructed a pizza made out of Sentient life

<Sa-Matra> I bet orz taste good ON pizza <SpathiX> pizza with orz toppings? <Sa-Matra> ya <SnakeMan1> Sprinkle some Slylandro dust on there <Sa-Matra> Ill try anything once <SpathiX> with Juffo-wup mushrooms <SpathiX> yum <Meph_Busy> lol <SnakeMan1> And some Supox veggies <SpathiX> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm <Meph_Busy> VEGETARIANS!!! <SnakeMan1> Don't forget the Ortog <Sa-Matra> MMMMMMMM <Sa-Matra> and libbix <Sa-Matra> and maby some Arilu toejam <Sa-Matra> :) <SpathiX> supox veggies sound tasty <Sa-Matra> ya <SpathiX> Pkunk Eggs <Sa-Matra> Over easy <Sa-Matra> LOL <Sa-Matra> how about some fried umgah on the side <SpathiX> yea. Umgah look like tasty morsels of meat <Sa-Matra> mmmmmmm note: 1 day later. every one in the room had indigestion..

-Snack Time

* MeFistOrz comes into the room carrying 2 corn dogs, a glass of milk, and several Kit-Kat bars... <Pkunk-Don> hmmmm * Pkunk-Don eats it all up before MeFistOrz notice <Pkunk-Don> INCLUDING the DOGS! * MeFistOrz bites off Pkunk's hand. <Pkunk-Don> yikes * Pkunk-Don head regenerates, luckly * MeFistOrz swallows Pkunk whole. <Pkunk-Don> err... <MeFistOrz> And washes him down with milk. * Pkunk-Don regenerates in MeFistOrz stomach and blow him up * MeFistOrz puts on his dope hat and does a crooked little dance with his funny little monkey...

-Life's Simple Questions

<Ingo> So, what're those "glowy bits?" <Slylandro> err, you know... <Mephisto_> Their reproductive organs! <Ingo> (i know that!) * Slylandro wacks mephisto * Slylandro is flushed down a toilet, mistaken for a harristeeter bag with fireflies on it. * SnakeMan1 gets flushed down the toilet being mistaken for a cheap digital watch

- ???

<DrFred> Some more binary-speak for Juf: <DrFred> 01000110 <DrFred> 01110101 <DrFred> 01101110 <DrFred> 01010010 <DrFred> 01101111 <DrFred> 01101101 <DrFred> 01110011 <SynDex> FvkRols?!? <DrFred> no!!! <SynDex> lemme try again :-D <DrFred> Close Though. <DrFred> A hint: The Melnorme sell this...although you can't buy them. <SynDex> FunRoms! <SynDex> hehe, i had to get out the chart for that one :-) <DrFred> Correct. <Mephisto_> Er...you can buy F#ckDolls from the Melnorme! }:-)> <Mephisto_> Melnorme sex dolls, fat and cuddly for your one-eyed pleasure! }:-)> <Mephisto_> The Melnorme don't give sex without a fair exchange of goods though...you give the goods and you get the *services*. }:-)> <SynDex> what if the goods are sex? it's a fair trade, right? <Mephisto_> It depends on who's selling and who's buying. <SynDex> yes, because the seller may demand additional goods <DrFred> I thought the Melnorme were asexual? <Mephisto_> The Melnorme males may sell information, but the females sell *something else*. }:-)> <DrFred> So all Melnorme males are pimps? <Guybrush> the url of serial-online is : "" (no quotes) if you really want it. <Ingowarez> http://yoda.com/~nightrid/serialz.html

-Learn why Meph is known as MeFistOrz

<Threebarf> do Orz have fists? <Korky> no, he fists orz <Korky> he beat them up <Threebarf> ah, yes of course <Threebarf> that's why he was beating them all the time <Korky> poor orz <Threebarf> yeah <Korky> i am trying to figure out what happened to the androsynth <Threebarf> the orz ate them <Threebarf> that's why there are no bodies <Korky> i think ill try to make meaning of all the stuff they say and then piece it together <Korky> the orz say that no more androsynth is better <Korky> i wonder what does that mean <MeFistOrz> Hey, I don't beat up Orz! <MeFistOrz> I fist them... <Threebarf> what's the big difference? <Korky> you dont kick them? <MeFistOrz> Fisting is sticking your fist up their cunt... <Korky> why is that orz beater? <Threebarf> the Orz have a cunt? <Korky> hmm, whats a cunt? <Threebarf> pudenda <Pulse> Hehe. Umm.. A vagina. <Korky> hmmm....nope, orz dont have that <Threebarf> (or.. the pundenda? a plural form?) <Korky> as i see it, orz have sex like parrots <MeFistOrz> Actually Orz have sex and then they lay fertilized eggs after about 3 months... <Korky> how do you feryilize them with your fist? <Threebarf> but those are not really the orz we see, are they? they are only their *fingers* <Threebarf> so you fist the fingers? <Korky> hmm <MeFistOrz> I don't fertilize them, I just fist them for pleasure... }:-)>

-More StarControl Warfare

* Juffo-Wup slams a 60 lb unix manual on Guybrush 's head. <Guybrush> ow. * Guybrush slams a keyboard up Juffo-Wup's throat! <Guybrush> hah! <Guybrush> anything else? * Guybrush punches Juffo-Wup in the face. * Juffo-Wup shoves a 31" monitor up Guybrush's ass <Guybrush> hey! * Guybrush shoves a fusion blaster up Juffo-Wup's ass and fires! <Guybrush> whee! * Juffo-Wup launches a new mycon seed into Guybrush's head..."you are mine now!" :) <Guybrush> yeow! <Guybrush> NOT! <Guybrush> -(*( STOP IT! )*)- <Juffo-Wup> do not mess with the professor :) <Juffo-Wup> you could get expelled * Guybrush compels Juffo-Wup to swallow a whole sun device... and succeeds! * Guybrush activates the sun device........ <Juffo-Wup> yes..I love warmth! <Guybrush> Bwahahahhahahahhahahaahha! * Juffo-Wup attaches a glory device to Guybrush and detonates it at a safe distance * Juffo-Wup uses a bifurcator on Guybrush * Guybrush shoves the utwig bomb with chmmr crystals up Juffo-Wup's ass and detonates it at a VERY SAFE distance. <Guybrush> hah! <Guybrush> that bifurcator hurt. * Juffo-Wup watches as guybrush is stuck in a time loop <MeFistOrz> lol * Guybrush uses a combination of yehat shields and utwig shields. <Guybrush> drat. <MeFistOrz> Yeah, kick his ass Juffy! * Guybrush gets out of the time loop. <Guybrush> phew. * Juffo-Wup slaps Guybrush with the 150lb starcon bible :)

-Nature Calls

<MeFistOrz> Have to use the little Orz room. }:-)> <Korky> orz room? <Guybrush> the bathroom. I think. <Korky> is it crawling with orz? <Guybrush> crawling with sh*t, that is. <Korky> shit and orz? <Korky> or orz are shit? <Guybrush> shit and orz. <Guybrush> anyway, i think he's gone to dump. <Guybrush> or leak. <Guybrush> : <Korky> dump <Guybrush> i guess so. he's taking QUITE a long time. <Korky> so does the orz mess with him while he's doing that <Guybrush> maybe they crawl up his ass when he dumps. <Korky> *dancing* in there <Guybrush> they sometimes drop to the water because of sudden drops of shit. <Korky> they release *go* *go* up his ass <Guybrush> and become parastise. <Korky> but he sais he put his fists inside the orz's viginas <Guybrush> i hate to think what those orz do to his veins and stuff. <Korky> he will have orz hemroids <Guybrush> ouch. <Guybrush> that must be his whole load for the week. <Korky> well, when i shit i take my time <Guybrush> the bathroom must stink like an ur-quan's ass, fer sure. <Korky> ur-quan dont have an ass <Guybrush> okay, okay, how about the utwig? <Guybrush> the Umgah? <Guybrush> the Thraddash? <MeFistOrz> I back... <Guybrush> the precursors? <Korky> the umgah have 40 asses <Guybrush> the pkunk? <Guybrush> the yehat? <Korky> the okunk have birds ass <Korky> same for yehat <MeFistOrz> lol <Guybrush> 40 asses... they can shit pretty quick with those. <Guybrush> and their farts are like nukes. <Guybrush> Government Warning: Inhaling Umgah fart is VERY BAD to your health. <Korky> that converstion cant get into the #starcontrol web page right???

- StarControl is also Educational software!!!

<The-Fonz> you Israelis seem to speak pretty fluent English <Korky> you are saying that as a joke right? <The-Fonz> whys that <Korky> well, because i dont <The-Fonz> all the Israeli people i meet on here speak perfect English <Korky> well, not me <The-Fonz> at least type perfect english <Korky> but most of them are on the internet right? <Korky> well, those are people with computers <Korky> i know english because of games like star control <Guybrush> hmmm.... talk bad english, type good english. weird. <The-Fonz> yeah <The-Fonz> strange <Guybrush> why? because they don't have Israeli Translations? <The-Fonz> so you learn english coz of a few games <The-Fonz> wow <Korky> well, most of my english came from star control, its the first game i bothered with reading what it said <Korky> yep <The-Fonz> if all games were say Russian, i wouldnt go round learning russian to play them <Guybrush> so would i. <Korky> but i need english, and i didnt learn for star control, i learned it from star control <Korky> i made connection btween stuff, and so from the tv <Korky> most of the people here have basic knowledge in english before they start learning it in school <Guybrush> heck, i wouldn't even go around learning japanese or chinese. <Korky> but the computer and the tv relly helped <Korky> really <The-Fonz> oh yep <The-Fonz> kewl <The-Fonz> so if i wanted to learn French <The-Fonz> all i would have to do was to watch french tv and play french computer games <The-Fonz> wow <Guybrush> but you still need the translation. <The-Fonz> i guess <Korky> well, you need to start at an early age too, because you pick up much more when you are very young <MeFistOrz> I don't know, I'm learning pretty good German from this Rammstein CD... <MeFistOrz> I'm learning more from Rammstein than I did in my 3 years of German class in school! }:-)> <Guybrush> Rammstein? what's that? <MeFistOrz> A popular German heavy metal band (my 3rd favorite band)... <Guybrush> brb. somebody else wants to chat with me. <Korky> i dont think school is a good teaching tool for remembering stuff, you just learn for the test and thats all <The-Fonz> yeah <Korky> i got a hundred in arab and i only learned 4 hours before every test, and didnt even did my homework or opened my book once in class <The-Fonz> heh <The-Fonz> do you have to learn arab? <Korky> you have to pick arab or french, but thats only for four years <The-Fonz> so what year are you <MeFistOrz> No Deutsch? <Korky> i dont know a word, i just know a few of the words <Korky> i finished it this year <Korky> no deutsch <Korky> i am happy enough with knowing hebrew and english <The-Fonz> yeah <The-Fonz> arab isnt a too widely used language in the modern world <The-Fonz> i mean <The-Fonz> unless you go live in iraq or syria <MeFistOrz> We can pick from German, Spanish, or French (yet we don't get to learn Japanese, the second most useful language in the world)...but we only have to take one of those for 2 years if we plan to go to college. <The-Fonz> (which i doubt youll want too)

- Cracker Claim

<Mikeman> Hmmm..... <Mikeman> Ever wonder why the #$%& the put those little holes in crackers? <Mikeman> I mean, what point do they serve? <MeFistOrz> Hmm... <Mikeman> I'm losing like 10% of the cracker <Mikeman> Just for the little holes!

-Meph contacts the outside world

<Mephisto_> Hey Spathi! <SpathiX> Hi Meph <Mephisto_> I just made my first public appearance of the summer! <Mephisto_> This is the second time I left my house this summer! <Mephisto_> Everyone ran in terror at the sight of me, Hah Hah Hah! <EdGrR> are you serious? <SpathiX> wow <Mephisto_> Except a couple of girls I know from school but can't remember the names of...they just stared at me and giggled. <EdGrR> haha <Mephisto_> Well they didn't exactly run, they just avoided me like I had the plague. <EdGrR> uh huh <Mephisto_> A few of them even crossed the street just to get away from me. <Mephisto_> I was walking around in public for 3 1/2 hours. <Mephisto_> It was a bit hot. <SpathiX> Did the sun burn your skin? <Mephisto_> I went to the mall, then I stopped by DQ and got a blizzard. <Mephisto_> No sunburn, not even tan I think. <Mephisto_> I'm still all pale and thin like an Arilou. <SpathiX> I get sunburn from the hours i spend in front of a monitor. (I put an image of the sun as wallpaper so I dont have to go outside) <Mephisto_> I look like an Arilou wearing a long, black wig (but I assure you that my hair is real). <Mephisto_> I also picked up a copy of the Rammstein CD Sehnsucht and window shopped a bit for a birthday present for Kim (her birthday's August 9th). <Mephisto_> I'm tired, I wanna get some sleep before Kimberly gets back... <SpathiX> You're gonna need the energy to transform into MephBusy_ <Mephisto_> Yeah... <Mephisto_> That's why I'm going to sleep in a few minutes, I'm delerious from the damn Sun! <Mephisto_> I go sleep now, bye!

- Voodoo Magic

<Korky> if youll send it guybrush will make a voddo mefisto <Korky> a little doll with hands in orz butts * Guybrush pokes MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! * Guybrush pinches MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! * Guybrush burns MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <Korky> put an orz inside! <Guybrush> hahha! <MeFistOrz> Yipe! <MeFistOrz> lol * Guybrush shoves an orz up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol <MeFistOrz> That's kinky! }:-)> <Guybrush> Bwahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhaha! <Korky> SHOVE RICKY LAKE INSIDE! * Guybrush shoves ricky lake up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> No way, she's too fat to fit in there! * Guybrush shoves Conan O'brien up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol <Korky> he shoved her * Guybrush shoves Jay Leno up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol <Korky> and all of her guests! <MeFistOrz> lol <Korky> your ass will become a city * Guybrush shoves Will Smith up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! * Guybrush shoves Tommy Lee Jones up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol <Korky> he will deal with the orz <MeFistOrz> lol <MeFistOrz> lol * Guybrush pulls the men in black out of MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <Guybrush> ewwwww...... <MeFistOrz> lol * Guybrush shoves a speaker up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> Now they're men in brown! }:-)> <Korky> LOL * Guybrush shoves a whole computer up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! * Guybrush shoves a mouse (a real mouse) up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <Guybrush> The mouse is biting the insides! <MeFistOrz> OOOOOooohhhhhhhhh, kinky! * Guybrush shoves MeFistOrz up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol * Guybrush shoves an AOL diskette up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass! <MeFistOrz> lol <Guybrush> That should be enough................................... NOT! * Guybrush shoves a box of cockroaches up MeFistOrz's voodoo doll's ass!

- Strong Stomachs only!

* Deep-Reep coughs... opens up a bit of torn paper and reads... <Deep-Reep> George MacDonald: Gamer feedback is very important. <Deep-Reep> After publishing Star Control 3, the design team read <Deep-Reep> letters, email, newsgroups, web sites, reviews, you <Deep-Reep> name it. We had email conversations with many loyal <Deep-Reep> fans. While designing our new StarCon, we performed a <Deep-Reep> user survey to find out what Star Control players liked <Deep-Reep> and didn't like, what they would improve upon, and <Deep-Reep> what other games they played. We are consistently <Deep-Reep> scanning newsgroups and web sites for user insights, <Deep-Reep> as well as reviewing any gamer feedback that comes <Deep-Reep> directly into Accolade. <SynDex> ahhh! bullshit!!!! * Deep-Reep screams, "IS THIS GUY ON CRACK OR SOMETHING????" <SynDex> *cough* *cough* *hacks up lung* <SynDex> he's only doing that so it sells more, of course <SynDex> he's not trying to sell it to diehard sc fans, cause there aren't very many of us * Deep-Reep take syndex's lung and throws it in the druuge furnace. <SynDex> not in comparison to the "standard dumb gamer" group <Deep-Reep> say yes, but we ARE diehard.


<SynDex> hey, have you ever lost the urge to code when you acquire a romantic interest? <DrFred> well...actually yes <DrFred> but you'll find a balance <DrFred> however, s.o.'s usually don't find programming exciting <DrFred> so you'll have to live a double life <DrFred> but since gates found a wife, I'm sure it isn't to hard <SynDex> yah. my current s.o. is a bit of a geek herself tho :-) <DrFred> heh. well there you go. no problem <DrFred> i've yet to find a woman who likes programming <DrFred> but hopefully i will <SynDex> i was just wondering if i was the only one who loses a sex urge while coding, and loses code urge while sexing. :-D <DrFred> sexing? is that what kids call it these days? <DrFred> anyway...yes, coding is not romantic <DrFred> and sex is not logical <DrFred> the two are incompatible <SynDex> too bad, or i bet i'd have the women after me :-) <DrFred> heehee

-Topic Madness

*** Stilgar changes topic to '11 ops and rising' *** Stilgar changes topic to '11 ops and rising || starcontrol.obscurity.net' *** Adder changes topic to '11 ops and rising || starcontrol.obscurity.net || www.dlc.fi/~yehat' *** Adder changes topic to 'happy *camping* with more than 10 ops || starcontrol.obscurity.net || www.dlc.fi' *** Adder changes topic to 'happy *camping* with more than 10 ops || starcontrol.obscurity.net || www.dlc.fi' *** Psych changes topic to '11 live people and rising!' *** SnakeMan1 changes topic to '10 live people and rising!' *** Adder changes topic to 'Million bots and couple suns! happy *camping* anyway !' *** Psych changes topic to '4 bot's and a human' *** xmkmf changes topic to 'Daktaklakpak 5576 squared!' *** Maypop changes topic to 'How to make your own railgun!' *** xmkmf changes topic to 'Daktaklakpak 5576 squared! Utilization to the 356th power divided by warning!' *** Retrieving #StarControl info... *** Psych changes topic to 'stop changing me!' *** Maypop changes topic to 'fine!' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to 'Danger Will Robinson, danger!' *** Gawyn changes topic to '11 ops, 4 bots, 1 humAn! and 70 topic changes within 5 minutes WHAT'S WRONG WITH' *** Gawyn changes topic to '11 ops, 4 bots, 1 humAn! and 70 topic changes within 5 minutes WHAT'S WRONG? 70?' *** xmkmf changes topic to 'Daktaklakpak 5576 squared! Utilization to the 356th power divided by warning!' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to 'POOP!' *** Maypop changes topic to 'Bow Before Maypop!' *** Psych changes topic to 'what me worry?' *** xmkmf changes topic to 'Daktaklakpak 5576 squared! Utilization to the 356th power divided by warning!' *** Maypop changes topic to 'Let's laugh at Meph' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to 'POOP!' *** Maypop changes topic to '"Our motives are multiple, our desires complex. Much of our work with you involves making ' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to 'When one loses the reason for existance, one tends to get less motivated.' *** Psych changes topic to '#starcontrol - when *happy* *campers* *dance* with *sauce*' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to '"When one loses the reason for existance, one tends to get less motivated."' *** Psych changes topic to '#starcontrol - where *happy* *campers* *dance* with *sauce*' *** Maypop changes topic to 'Oh God...Please don't let me die today! Tomorrow would be so much better!' *** Mephisto_ changes topic to '"Oh God...Please don't let me die today! Tomorrow would be so much better!"'

-StarControl Rumors

<Deep-Reep> (I wish i could get a hold of the slylandro.shp file and add homing missles on it. <SnakeMan1> You DO have a hold of it, you just cn't bust it open =) <Deep-Reep> i once heard a rumor that you could get it to shoot missles, sadly, it wasn't true. <Deep-Reep> it's too *slippery* <SnakeMan1> I heard a rumor that there's a Gay Yehat at Beta Sextantis III * Deep-Reep heard a rumor that around a certain star, you could find the spathi black squadron. <SnakeMan1> How about we make #StarControl (and the Website) bi-lingual (English and Orzese) <Deep-Reep> and the spathi blacksquadron didn't have a pea shooter, they shot terran nukes. <SnakeMan1> Is that an old wive's tale or is it a rumor from the Spathi Underground? <SnakeMan1> Is there part of a website that explains the rumor? <Deep-Reep> something i heard years ago <SnakeMan1> Yea, it rings a bell to me too.... <SnakeMan1> Go exploring the Gruis constellation.

- New product on the market

<Navastasa> hnndfas? <SpathiX> ? <Navastasa> kuj? <SpathiX> zpaz! <Navastasa> huffi <SpathiX> muffi <Mephisto_> guffi <SpathiX> troz! <SpathiX> doi? <Navastasa> zinksplurzz <SpathiX> splazermatic <Navastasa> 3000 <Navastasa> deluxe <SpathiX> as seen on TV <Navastasa> now, only 45 payments of $99.99 <SpathiX> Cash or Money Order. Visa Master card . No CODS <SpathiX> void where prohibited <Navastasa> brought to us by the wonders of the Kreel-veresy <SpathiX> Mephisto's in da House! <Navastasa> Mephisto's sleeping in da House! <SpathiX> lol <Navastasa> the tounging is the best part! <SpathiX> *!bleagh!* <SpathiX> I do hope your talking about SC * Navastasa nods.

- Syndex is now known as Foobaz

<SpathiX> question: Why foobaz? <Foobaz> they're two of the metasyntactic variables. <Foobaz> foo, bar, baz, quux, etc. <Foobaz> i am "Sinister Foobaz Dexter" :-D <Korky> you have very loving parnets i see

- Quotable quotes

<Ur-Quan> I hate haircuts, that hairdresser dude is brutal <SpathiX> orz are the parrot like. fish, tentacle, creature babes, projection entities from below <Earthling> Welcome to the alliance of the free Mirc Channel ! <Korky> i ate wierd food <MeFistOrz> I put the Orz mod on repeat while sleeping and had some pretty strange dreams... <Ingo> The Prince of Darkness, the Fister of Orz, Mephisto! <MeFistOrz> NOW IT'S TIME FOR PERVERSION!!!!!!

- Meph is Helping with LOGS

<MeFistOrz> Hey Spath...if there's a funny part with a lot of little crap in between can I just cut the crap? <MeFistOrz> Or should I leave the crap? <SpathiX> yes "cut the crap" <MeFistOrz> Okay.

- Flea Problem

<Korky> im being bitten by small black jumping things <HellbornC> well.... that sounds like misquitos, but your probably refuring to bed bugs! <Korky> was it? <Korky> nope <Mephisto_> Korky, do you have fleas? <Korky> they arent flying <Korky> i do <Korky> and alot <Korky> they dont even eat my cats <Korky> they just come to me

* deathinc is back.

<Ur-Quan> Wow, deathinc, say something, please <Ur-Quan> I wanna see if you're really alive and not just a corpse :) <SpathiX> he's alive <SpathiX> he even said something 2 days ago <Ur-Quan> WOW! *** Ur-Quan changes topic to 'deathinc is alive! alive! alive I tell you, alive!.' <SpathiX> <deathinc> i don't pay much attention to irc <SpathiX> <deathinc> i just kinda sit here <Ur-Quan> cool! <SpathiX> yea..I almost fainted <Ur-Quan> Wait till Gezer hears :) <deathinc> yeah <deathinc> i'm alive * Ur-Quan falls to the floor... heart stopped * Ur-Quan stares with amazement at deathinc... even as the world blackens in front of his eyes... *** Ur-Quan has quit IRC (Died of shock.) <deathinc> wow <deathinc> he left <SpathiX> we can all die peacefully now..knowing deathinc spoke the words